Melanin activators and self-tanners

Do you wish to gift your skin a perfect tan? Now you can, thanks to Rougj innovative tanning program, focused on the first defense our body provides us: Melanin. Melanin is our natural filter towards the harmful action of UVA and UVB radiations, and besides defending us from the harmful effects of sunlight, gifts us a healthy and amber-like shade. Rougj perfect tanning program includes a first step with the help of supplements to prepare the skin for the sun, which must be taken one month before exposing to sunlight and, thanks to Beta carotene and Antioxidants, stimulate the production of Melanin from the inside. Rougj capsules, to be taken once a day after the main meal, allow you to avoid sunburns, redness and the formation of skin dyschromia, counteracting the aging caused by free radicals and providing a uniform tan. The second step of Rougj program involves the usage of self-tanning lotions, which come in cream or spray in accordance with your needs and prepare your body and face skin to sunlight exposure increasing your tan by +40%. The Rougj Melanin activator operative principle is based on the stimulation of this natural pigment, so that it can be “awakened” and brought to surface before sunlight exposure itself, preparing your skin to be immediately react to sun rays without getting sunburnt. The following steps of Rougj program include the use of sunscreens, after sun lotion and tan extender, to get a perfect and lasting tan. What if there’s no sunlight? Don’t give up on getting a healthy and seductive shade: always bring the face self-tanning wipes with you, ultra-practical and fast, which thanks to specific active ingredients, help your skin to get dark upon contact with air, providing a healthy and highly seductive shade 2 or 3 hours after usage. Let the sun kiss you, use Rougj Melanin activators.