Mascara is the par excellence must have product, fundamental for your eye makeup, used by women since ancient times to emphasize their look in one simple step.
Rougj offers a wide range of mascara for all needs: curling, lengthening, volumizing, long lasting, waterproof and green. Which one to choose? There is no exact rule for that; however, everything depends on the effect you want to create, and especially on the type of your eyelashes.
Apply a Rougj lengthening mascara if you want longer and thicker lashes, getting a deep and seducing look and for a false lashes effect.
Use a Rougj volumizing mascara, which in one single application provides explosive volume and breathtaking look, with immediate 3D effect.
Choose a Rougj curling mascara, to direct your lashes and to get a magnetic and charming look.
If you want a preservatives-free formula with 92% of raw materials of natural origin, choose the Rougj green mascara, for stronger and healthier lashes.
Don’t forget to choose a long lasting or waterproof mascara, which guarantee a higher resistance compared to classic makeup, especially in those occasions that require a makeup that lasts throughout the day, such as a marriage, a hot summer day or an intense gym session.
Enhance your lashes with the quality of Rougj mascaras, 100% Made in Italy products, dermatologically tested, Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt tested and free of harmful substances and allergens.