Smog, UV radiations, chlorine and salt are very dangerous factors to your hair, as they can change its DNA and make them dry, frizzy and opaque. Sunlight and pollutants in the air stimulate the production of free radicals and damage the proteins that form the structure of hair, weakening it and causing hair fall. How to intervene to defend your hair from the attacks of these enemies?
The first thing to take care of is to protect them with a barrier. Cover it with a hat or a headgear, to protect it from direct sunlight and to reduce the deposit of harmful particles on your head of hair.
However, for a total protection of your whole head of hair’s health and beauty, you should periodically apply some protective treatments, deeply nourishing and protecting your hair.
Use Rougj Argan oil as a pre-shampooing compress on wet hair for dry hair or after the shampoo for oily hair. It is a product with repairing and nourishing action which, thanks to its oily texture, preserves the health of your hair, making it soft, shiny and strong.
Protecting your hair is important, especially in summer, when it is exposed to chlorine and salt. We suggest using Rougj protective hair spray oil, which besides coming in practical size, provides an instant energy boost! The spray version, indeed, vaporizes the product in order to create an invisible protective shield, counteracting dryness of hair fiber, preventing its break and restoring its brightness, for immediately healthy, strong, protected and revitalized hair.
For everyday protection, use Rougj reinvigorating spray shield effect, to be vaporized on dry hair on the length for normal and oily hair, or on your entire head of hair for dry hair. This product is perfect to protect your hair from pollution and free radicals, and to provide brightness and hydration.
If instead you want to repair and strengthen your head of hair from the inside, choose a Rougj hair food supplement, rigorously tested and free of harmful substances and allergens. They come in capsules and in orosoluble form, are rich in Vitamins and perform an essential antioxidant, protective and preventive action for your hair and scalp, for a healthy and strong head of hair.
Entrust the health of your hair to Rougj with 100% Made in Italy products, all dermatologically tested, and Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt tested.