Sun Care

Sun is a great ally for our skin: it has a positive influence on our mood, stimulates Vitamin D synthesis, counteracts skin imperfections such as acne or psoriasis, alleviates rheumatic pain and gifts us an amber color, symbolizing health and sensuality. However, it is important to sunbathe carefully and responsibly in any period of the year, as exposing to sunlight without the correct precautions can cause light or severe damages to the natural system of your skin, such as dehydration, redness, erythemas, sunburns. Thanks to its sunscreens for adults and children, face self-tanning, body self-tanning and after sun products, Rougj helps you to take advantage of the beneficial effects of the sun and to protect your skin from the harmful consequences of UV and infrared radiations. Shop online Rougj body and face sunscreens, choosing between low, medium and high SPF formulations in accordance with your phototype, and set your tanning desire free! Day by day, thanks to the formulation of its high-performance sunscreens, rich in highly photostable sun filters and soothing and moisturizing substances such as Calendula oil, Sweet Almond oil and Shea butter, Rougj provides your skin a healthy and glowy color, preserving your vitality and youth. As for the face cream with SPF, you can choose between anti-age and anti-spot formulations and formulations for sensitive areas, also available in form of stick. If you wish to prepare your skin to be exposed to the sunlight and to stimulate the production of Melanin, what it takes are Rougj tanning activators, in cream or spray. The formulations are rigorously tested and free of harmful substances and allergens and can improve the intensity of your face and body tan by +40% and counteract the aging process due to photoexposure. Welcome Sun! Welcome safety of Rougj sunscreens.