Food supplements

Do you love your hair and wish to have it always healthy, strong and vigorous? Take care of your hair from the inside with healthy food, a balanced lifestyle and Rougj hair supplements, a true Vitamins and Probiotics concentrate specifically designed to help your hair and scalp to restore the missing nutritional substances and to recover their original beauty with time. It is scientifically proven that an unbalanced and lacking diet, atmospheric aggressions due to season change, environmental pollution, inappropriate cosmetic treatments and the physical and psychological stress to which our body is subjected are the main causes of dryness, opacity and hair loss. In order to counteract damages caused by these events, Rougj labs created a line of rigorously tested hair supplements free of harmful substances and allergens, that, thanks to the high-performance formulas rich in Amino Acids, Pantothenic Acid and Vitamins C, E and A with high antioxidant effect, restore the brightness and the strength you always wanted for your hair, while carrying out a protective and preventive action for your skin and scalp. Rougj women’s hair supplements are available in a 30 capsules format, and are rich in Vitamins, Mineral Salts, Methionine, Cystine and Serenoa Repens extract, and in a convenient package of 14 orosoluble single-dose sachets, rich in antioxidant Probiotics strains and Sodium Selenite, resistant in the gastro-duodenal transit thanks to the patented technology of micro-encapsulation of Probiotics cells. Entrust the health of your hair to Rougj, and shop online our 100% Made in Italy products, from the design to the production; a safe pharmaceutical service one click away. Give your hair a new life with Rougj hair supplements.