Exalt your beauty with Rougj makeup! The word makeup means the art of improving or transforming one’s appearance using cosmetics, to emphasize face’s natural beauty and to help camouflage small blemishes. Makeup represents a way to take care of oneself, stand out and communicate one’s personality.
The makeup universe consists in different categories: face makeup, eye makeup, eyebrows makeup, lip makeup and nail care. Maquillage can also diversify based on intensity and occasion of use. Create a natural nude look for every day’s life, with a light base to uniform your skin, a bit of Rougj mascara to open your look and a nude nail polish for neat hands. Create a more complex look for a special event or occasion, playing with Rougj eyeshadows, Rougj lipsticks and vibrant Rougj nail polishes. Don’t forget to choose waterproof or long-lasting products that guarantee a higher resistance in relation to classic makeup, especially in those occasion that require a makeup that lasts throughout the day, like a marriage, a hot summer day or an intense gym session.
Choose the quality of Rougj Makeup 100% Made in Italy products, rigorously Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt tested and free of harmful substances and allergens. Enjoy creating your look!