Skin is the widest organ of our body. That is why it is extremely important to take care of it and protect it properly with specific products.
It is very important to cleanse skin from dirt, sebum and sweat. Choose a gentle cleanser with emollient properties, to protect your skin without stressing it. Rougj offers the Rougj Étoile Delicate Shower-Shampoo, ideal for frequent washing and for a well-balanced body cleansing.
Exfoliate at least once a week with a scrub, in order to remove impurities from your skin, stimulate skin renewal and enhance microcirculation. Exfoliation is a very important step, and it is often taken for granted: its goal is to provide a new softness and brightness to your skin, renovate your complexion and refine skin grain. The perfect recipe for a homemade scrub for every skin type? Mix Rougj fast-absorbing Argan oil with sugar and massage the mixture all over your body, for a pleasing sensation of a moisturized, soft and glowy skin.
Finally, moisturize your skin to restore the required water level with a moisturizing cream or with Argan oil. Apply after showering or after a hot bath, when your pores are dilated and can absorb the active ingredients of the products more easily. Focus on your heels, knees and elbows, where your skin is prone to dry the most.
For your hands, choose a moisturizing hand cream, with emollient, nourishing and protective action. A real beauty treatment, designed for hands always soft and treated.
Take care of your body skin with Rougj high-performance products, 100% Made in Italy quality products, rigorously Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt tested and free of harmful substances and allergens.