The shock treatment hair ampoules are liquid preparations to apply directly on your dry or wet scalp, acting directly on hair follicles. They’re useful to counteract hair loss, dandruff and excessive sebum issues. For a shock treatment, apply the ampoules twice a week for three months, suspend the treatment for a month and apply an ampoule a week to maintain results.
Hair loss is a problem that affects both men and women. It can be linked to seasonal change, stress, hormonal imbalances, lack of Vitamins or usage of products not suited for your hair type. What to do to counteract it? Rougj hair loss treatment, that consists of anti-hair loss shampoo, anti-hair loss ampoules, reinvigorating protective spray and hair food supplement, is tested for reducing the amount of lost hair by 47,27% after only 30 days and by 68,15% after 60 days. Rougj anti-hair loss treatment restores your hair’s structure and stimulates the activity of your hair bulb, stimulating natural hair’s growth and strengthening your scalp.
Dandruff is a condition that may cause embarrassment and discomfort, due to scalp’s most superficial layers peeling. Most of the time, it consists in dead cells coming off due to a natural renewal, but in some cases, it turns out to be a true dysfunction. How can we counteract this? In vitro tests showed that using Rougj anti-dandruff ampoules in combination with the anti-dandruff shampoo and the Reinvigorating Protective Spray and the hair food supplement can reduce dandruff’s appearance, rebalancing your scalp and getting a healthy and shiny head of hair.
Finally, many people suffer from excessive sebum production. Apart from stress, the causes are usually hormonal or diet imbalances or the usage of inadequate cosmetics. Rougj suggests using an oily hair shampoo, able to counteract excessive sebum formation, to soothe your scalp and to provide a clean appearance to your hair. You can extend your hair wash with a dry shampoo, which absorbs excessive sebum and impurities without water. For a more intense action, combine the cleanser with the Rougj specific anti-sebum hair treatment ampoules: it will help you to purify your scalp and to restore its natural physiological balance. It has been tested that the usage of the anti-sebum ampoules in combination with the anti-sebum shampoo, the Reinvigorating Protective Spray and the Rougj hair food supplements, reduces the medium amount of sebum produced by your skin by 23,42% after only 28 days of treatment.
Choose Rougj, with 100% Made in Italy products, dermatologically Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt tested and free of harmful substances and allergens. Choose the treatment that suits you best: your hair will immediately have its vitality, structure and health back!