Make-up removers and cleansers

For a perfect face skincare, and to take care of your skin, it is essential to clean it every day, in the morning and evening. Cleansing is essential to deeply clean your skin, removing excess sebum, impurity, sweat and smog particles and the remaining makeup leftover. To omit this step would imply to collect a lot of different substances on your skin, to have a dull appearance and to increase pimples and black spots appearance. To obtain an even more effective face skin cleansing, Rougj created a line of face scrubs and masks to apply after the cleansing step, which make your skin even more toned and nourished. For face cleansing, Rougj offers a cleansing milk, a velvety emulsion ideal for all skin types, which effectively cleans your face making it soft and gently scented. Rougj cleansing milk makes your daily cleansing routine a moment of pleasure, without leaving oily leftovers on your skin.
Also remember to always remove your makeup before going to bed, as makeup prevents your skin to breathe and to regenerate, obstructs your pores and enhances bacteria proliferation. Discover Rougj micellar water, a two-phase makeup remover for a deep yet gentle makeup removing and cleansing. It removes all makeup in one step, even waterproof makeup, from face, eyes and lips.
Rely on Rougj for your skincare, with high-performance products, Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt tested and 100% Made in Italy.