Hair is an essential trait of our beauty. To obtain healthy, strong and shining hair over time, it is crucial to take care of it with products that respect your head of hair and your scalp.
Start your haircare with a Rougj gentle Shampoo, to cleanse hair and scalp, remove impurities, pollution and dead cells. Rougj offers different types of shampoo for dry, normal or oily hair. In case of oily hair, to extend your hair wash, you can choose a dry shampoo, which absorbs impurities without water, and reduces sebum present on your scalp.
Haircare also includes using a lot of other products with specific effects, such as supplements, ampoules treatments and protective oils. Rougj presents the Probiotics-based hair supplements, in orosoluble form or in capsules, to help strengthening and protecting the microbiome of your scalp from the inside.
Choose also the Rougj shock treatment hair ampoules, counteracting dandruff, sebum and hair loss in only 30 days.
Finally, protect your hair from pollution and free radicals with the Rougj reinvigorating spray shield effect, to be vaporized on dry hair on the length for normal to oily hair, or on your entire head of hair for dry hair. Protect your hair also from UV radiations, chlorine and salt with the hair protective oil spray: it counteracts hair fiber’s dryness, prevent hair breakage and restore its shine, for immediate strong, healthy and revitalized hair.
Don’t forget the Argan oil to protect, nourish and strengthen your hair deep within. If you have dry hair, use it like a pre-shampooing compress; if you have oily hair, apply it only on your hair tips after cleansing.
Entrust the health of your hair to Rougj with 100% Made in Italy products, dermatologically tested, Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt tested and free of harmful substances and allergens.