Eye care

If you wish to have always a fresh and radiant look, always take care of your eye contour area. Many people think that using a moisturizing cream is enough, but actually, it is not: eye contour requires a customized treatment with specific products.
This area is an extremely sensitive face area, lacking Collagen and particularly exposed to external agents. Moreover, it is prone by nature to the appearance of imperfections like wrinkles, crow’s feet, eye bags and dark circles.
Rougj offers a caffeine-based eye contour, an ultra-refreshing gel serum helping to remove dark circles and eye bags, decongesting the eye contour area for a visibly revived and glowy look.
For better results, spread the product with little circular movements to stimulate microcirculation and reduce the swelling caused by water retention.
If, instead, you wish an eye contour stretched and with less visible wrinkles, opt for the Rougj filler effect serum, a filler serum which, thanks to the Argireline contained in the formula, it instantly prevents and attenuates wrinkles and signs of expression, with a tensor effect that lasts up to 6 hours.
Take care of your look with Rougj, high-performance products, 100% Made in Italy quality products, rigorously Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt tested and free of harmful substances and allergens.