Cellulite is one of the most frequent skin imperfections among women, and it affects 90% of women regardless of age and physical conditions. When irritated, your subcutaneous adipose tissue causes the classic “orange peel” appearance to the affected skin areas, with small and unaesthetic depressions. There are a lot of factors causing cellulite, such as genetic, hormonal, vascular factors, bad nutritional habits, stress and inactivity. With its Cellulite SPA Treatment, its line of shock anticellulite treatment, Rougj fights every day with women offering aesthetic treatments worth a SPA, to be done comfortably at home. Safely shop online Rougj anticellulite products, choosing among anticellulite oil, anticellulite bandages, supplements for cellulite and circulation and the lipid-reducing foam, or integrate in your daily beauty routine the complete anticellulite treatment, 100% Made in Italy, fast, innovative and performing products, rigorously tested and free of harmful substances and allergens.; a true revolution and innovation in the field of aesthetic body treatment. Rougj cellulite scrub oil, thanks to the combination of oil and salt, enhances the elimination of excess liquids and provide your skin a smoother and more moisturized appearance. The anticellulite bandages, impregnated with a draining solution, perform an effective action on microcirculation, and after just 30 minutes on, they leave you with a feeling of extremely light legs and firmer tissues. Complete the treatment with the lipid-reducing foam, stimulating skin microcirculation and ideal for critical areas, and with Rougj cellulite supplements, plant extracts-based capsules reducing fat absorption and stimulating the metabolism, helping you losing weight. Feel confident in your body, try Rougj Cellulite SPA Treatment.