If you want a flawless eye makeup, you can’t forget about your eyebrows! Thin, arched, straight or hard angled, eyebrows frame your eye and must be fixed, brushed and painted with proper cosmetics. This is why Rougj propose you a line of eyebrows makeup perfect to help you give them an accurate, well-proportioned shape and get that natural yet ultra-defined look you’ve always wanted. Before starting your beauty treatment, deeply clean your face and brush your eyebrows upward and outward with a clean and proper spoolie. Then, fill the empty spaces with color between hairs with Rougj eyebrow pencil, a cosmetic with a soft and cream-like texture that, thanks to the bio-oils and Vitamin E included in the formula, redensifies your eyebrow line with just one gesture, providing a naturally more intense look. You can get a more defined and long-lasting result with Rougj eyebrows mascara, a high-coverage product with a cream-like and homogeneous texture which, thanks to 1% pigments and sugar molecules contained in the formula, provides a high-pigmented release able to redraw or fix the empty spaces of the eyebrows and to hydrate them, providing a soft, velvety finish. Discover Rougj eyebrows pencils and eyebrows mascaras that best suit your needs on our e-commerce, and purchase in few clicks, safely and easily just as in your local pharmacy or drugstore. Every Rougj product is rigorously tested and free of harmful substances and allergens, is made in laboratory based on high performance formulations and is 100% Made in Italy. Makeup artist-proof eyebrows in a few steps? Choose Rougj eyebrows makeup!