Hands are the absolute protagonists of a woman’s day, and this is why they are constantly exposed to many elements of stress that can damage and age them before time. Take care of your hands starting from skin, which should always be soft and hydrated, and ending with your nails. Thanks to Rougj nails product, your hands will become your strength and you will always feel comfortable around people. Have a full manicure once a week starting from your cuticles, namely that hangnail growing on both nail sides, which, apart from being not very nice-looking, if neglected, can rip and bleed. By applying Rougj cuticle oil with the pen applicator, your cuticles can be easily shaped and softened, and you’ll get a clean and trim nail contour. Then, after having shortened and smoothened your nails providing the desired shape and length, prepare them with an anti-flaking, strengthening nail polish rich in Vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants that moisturizes and restores your nail’s natural elasticity and re-balances the level of keratin that is essential for their health. Finally, apply the nail polish choosing the color based on the season, your mood or outfit; remember to remove the polish to let your nails “breathe” periodically. After applying nail polish, wait a few minutes, and then apply the fixing top coat or the uv gel effect top coat on the whole nail surface as your manicure last step, for a Wow payoff. What if you want to change the color? Use the Rougj+ immersion nail polish remover, fast and easy, perfect to remove every trace of nail polish without cotton pads. Diva nails? Trust Rougj nail products.