Shampoo is not only a hair product, but also an ally for your head of hair’s health. Not all shampoos suit every hair type. Using the wrong shampoo may cause irritation to your scalp and alterations to its hydrolipidic film.
So, how to choose the right product? Consider 3 factors: INCI, pH and hair type.
The INCI is the set of ingredients contained in a cosmetic product. For a non-aggressive shampoo, you always have to be sure that it is free of Parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate).
The pH should be around 5-7, in order not to modify the hydrolipidic film of your scalp and not to dehydrate your hair.
Finally, choose the right shampoo for your hair.
For normal hair, opt for a Rougj delicate shampoo, suitable for frequent use, so it won’t stress your hair.
For fragile and dry hair, choose a shampoo with nutrient action with a percentage of fatty substances, aimed to reinforce and to create a protective layer on your whole head of hair.
For oily hair, choose a Rougj sebum-normalizing shampoo, to reset your normal skin pH. Plus, don’t wash your hair more than 2/3 times a week to avoid stimulating sebum secretion even more. To extend your hair wash, you can choose a Rougj dry shampoo, namely, a cleanser which absorbs impurities without water, and reduces sebum present on your scalp.
For dandruff hair, choose a Rougj anti-dandruff shampoo, a special formulation developed to purify your scalp, soothe your skin and reduce itch.
Last tip: depending on season, stress periods and hormonal changes, your hair has different needs. So, change your shampoo according to the needs of the moment, to provide the right hair treatment. In this way, you’ll always give your hair new nutrients, Vitamins and Antioxidants.
Entrust the health of your hair to Rougj with 100% Made in Italy shampoos, dermatologically tested, Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt tested and free of harmful substances and allergens.