Do you feel you want to expose your skin and let the sun kiss it with the arrival of summer? Then tan responsibly, use good judgment and expose to the sunlight by degrees, with the help of the high-performance formulations of Rougj sunscreen creams. The protective sunscreen creams, available in a wide SPF range going from SPF 6 to SPF 50 in accordance with your phototype’s needs, contain sun protection factors with latest-generation filters, specifically designed to work synergically with the activators and to obtain the best result for your skin. On the online shop, you can purchase sensitive areas and face sunscreens with a light and silky texture, which thanks to their formula containing Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Argan oil, perform an effective anti-wrinkle, anti-spots, antioxidant and protective effect. After exposing to sunlight, remember to use a moisturizing and soothing after sun lotion, a treat for your body with Shea butter, Sesame oil, Avocado oil and mallow and witch-hazel extracts, performing a highly nourishing and moisturizing action, and a tan extender which, thanks to RonaCare Bronzyl, allows to maintain the obtained tan over time, even without sunlight. Rougj does not only think about you, but also to your children’s health, and in its sun product range includes the sunscreen for children in spray, light and easy to apply, fast absorbing to leave their skin protected and safe. And, when exposing to sunlight, don’t forget about your hair. Take care of them with a hair spray protective oil which, in one application, thanks to natural oils, fatty acids and Vitamins, it nourishes, moisturizes and protects your hair from sunlight, salt, and Chlorine, leaving them soft and untangled. Enjoy the energetic effects of the sunlight, protect yourself with Rougj sunscreens.