For a flawless face skin, it is important to take care of it and perform a proper skincare every day.
Cleanse your skin every morning and evening, to remove makeup and impurities collected during the day. This step is essential to enhance cells renewal and to avoid pimples, imperfections and black spots appearance. Choose the cleansing milk or the two-phase micellar water, delicate products specific for removing makeup and cleansing every skin type. After cleansing, reset your natural pH and the hydrolipidic film with the tonic. Then, apply a serum to deeply nourish your skin and prepare it for the following treatments. Rougj offers a wide range of serums specifically designed to enhance your skin’s appearance. Opt for a serum with Hyaluronic Acid to deeply moisturize, strengthen the cell barrier and re-balance the microbiota of your skin; choose a serum with Ceramides for an elasticizing and tonifying action; or a marine Collagen serum for an anti-wrinkle action. Rougj also offers the filler effect serum for an immediate anti-wrinkle action, and the filler botulin effect serum, which instantly fill wrinkles and signs of expression of the eye contour, nose-lips and forehead areas. End your skincare by applying a moisturizing face cream: it will make your skin softer and more compact, preventing wrinkles appearance and creating a first protection layer against all external agents. Rougj proposes a wide range of anti-age, nourishing and moisturizing face creams, ideal to gently respond to every of your skin’s need.
Once or twice a week, perform a deeper face cleansing with face masks and exfoliating products. The exfoliation step helps your skin to become smoother, softer and brighter. Use the A.H.A. fluid. by Rougj, which thanks to the alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic acid contained in its formula, removes dead cells and impurities from face, neck and décolletage in one move. Alternatively, try the Rougj exfoliating mask light effect, which thanks to its formulation rich in fruit acids, enhances cells renewal and counteracts the typical grayness of dull skin. Finally, remove face toxins with the Rougj active oxygen mask, with purifying, illuminating and moisturizing action. Take care of your skin every day with Rougj, a 100% Made in Italy brand with high-quality products, all Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt tested.