Hands and cuticles

Hands’ skin is particularly exposed to external agents, cold, sun, stress, and is subjected to frequent washing, also with alcohol-based hand sanitizers, which dry and damage your skin. Daily external influences, indeed, damage your sensitive skin barrier, causing dryness and cracking.
Treat your hands and provide your skin the required nourishment and Vitamins. Rougj offers different types of creams, according to your needs: the emollient hand and cuticles creams, enriched with sweet almond oil, ideal to soften cuticles and deeply moisturize your hands’ skin. For even softer cuticles, choose a Rougj nourishing cuticles oil, which thanks to the pen applicator, guarantees a soft, clean and neat nail contour in only one and simple move. If, instead, you have a very dry and prone to redness skin, choose Rougj protective hand creams, ideal to protect your skin from cold, bad weather and external agents. The protective cream strengthens your natural skin defense barrier, polishes and softens your skin and also takes care of your nails. Repair your hands also with Rougj nourishing hand creams which, enriched with Panthenol and Vitamin E, provide hydrated and neat hands, pleasantly velvety and soft to the touch.
A further ally to your hand skincare is the Rougj Argan oil, a very precious plant-based oil containing fatty acids, Triglycerides, Vitamins A, B and E, Phenols, plant sterols and Carotenoids: all substances with elasticizing, nourishing, anti-wrinkle, protective and healing properties. It is particularly recommended for the nourishment of dry, dehydrated and cracked skins, in treating sun burns and scars, and to strengthen your nails.
Take care of your hands and nails choosing among a wide range of Rougj high-quality, Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt tested and 100% Made in Italy products.