Masks and exfoliators

Do you want to treat your face and make your skin smooth and polished with an exfoliating and nourishing treatment worth a beauty session? Make a safe purchase of high-performance face masks and face scrubs on Rougj online shop, specifically designed for a flawless skin without dead cells and to nourish and tone it, reinvigorating your complexion and enhancing the renewal of natural skin. Have a relaxing moment just for you at least once a week; after cleaning, cleansing and removing makeup from your skin with cleansing milk or micellar water, apply Rougj face scrub on your face, neck and décolletage, leaving it on for a few minutes before rinsing. The action of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (A.H.A.s) obtained from fruit with Keratolytic properties and 5% of Glycolic Acid obtained from sugar cane, contribute to enhance the appearance of your skin imperfections, regulate sebum production and clear pores by exfoliating and clearing pores from dead cells. The face exfoliating scrub helps your skin to perfectly absorb the active principles contained in Rougj face mask, counteracting dull and grey skin thanks to its formula rich in fruit acids with antioxidant and exfoliating effect, that helps to neutralize skin dullness and greyness thanks to green coffee extracts with purifying and antioxidant effect, and to Hyaluronic Acid, that helps to slow skin aging. Choose Rougj’s products high-performance quality, 100% Made in Italy and rigorously tested and free of harmful substances and allergens. Order from online shop in a few clicks, safely and easily just as in your local pharmacy or drugstore. Do you want a more compact and glowy skin? Trust Rougj face scrubs and face masks.